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Emanant Supply & Company Began as Emanant Fingerboards in 2009 Distributed by FlatFace Fingerboards and Blackriver Ramps Gaining Global Popularity & Recognized as the Cornerstone for Skateboarders in the Fingerboard Scene!

Drake Elliott Started Emanant in California and Built the West Coast Fingerboard Scene with Support from Blackriver Ramps Revealing the G13 Fingerboard Park to the World at Emanant Event 1. Drake's friends Mike Schneider and the Blackriver Ramps Team Flew to California to Start 'Sorry for Fingerboarding' along with Nash Vasquez and Today is California's #1 Fingerboard Event!

Emanant Introduces the WORLDS FIRST OFFICIAL 7PLY MAPLE FINGERBOARD in 2019 Revolutionizing the Scene! Skateboards are 7 Layers of Maple while Fingerboards were Only 5 Layers of (random) woods before this!

When Supporting Emanant You are Supporting the Fingerboard Scene & Building A Grassroots Skateboard Company! Emanant was Created out of a Love for Skateboarding and has Evolved Since their First Stock Into a Lifestyle Apparel Brand in 2012, and Progressed to a Skateboard Brand in 2013.

While Underground Still Emanant Brought Acceptance of Fingerboarding to the Skateboard Culture! Thrasher Magazines Late Jake Phelps Owned an Emanant Fingerskate Deck in 2017 Saying " It Will Never Leave My Pocket!!" and Nicknamed Drake "Figgy Jesus" Soon After.

I Hope you Feel Inspired to Go Skateboarding after a Fingerskate Session on The Worlds Most Realistic Fingerskateboard! Or Just Enjoy Your Board as Art. I also Hope Emanant Inspires you to Never Give Up Your Dreams as Persistence and Dedication in Life are Key! You Can Accomplish Anything You Put Your Mind To!

Our Fingerboards are 100% Hand Crafted from Scratch to Help You Learn to Skateboard & Pushing Imaginative Creativity!!

Today Emanant is Building its Professional Skateboard Team to Be Announced and is Going to Tour the World and Sponsor Riders Globally! 

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Cheers & Stay Emanant!!