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7Ply Split Bottom 32mm Classic

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Emanant is proud to offer all decks with 7 plies of hard maple. Each 7ply deck is pressed in the same pattern as most skateboards are, while being as thin as regular 5ply fingerboards. 100% handmade in California, USA since 2009.
The Defined Shape offers a nicely balanced profile of medium kick height, medium concave, and closely constructed dips for a True-to-Skateboard shape! Great for Technical Combo tricks such as Flips into and out of Grinds/Mannys! 
The Original Shape offers a mellow profile for a relaxed ride with medium low kick height and low concave for a comfortable feel. The OG Shape as its called is made for the advanced skateboarder/ fingerboarder or someone trying to become an advanced skateboarder by obtaining the knowledge on foot position by learning finger positioning on the True-to-Skateboard Shape! 
The Classic Shape offers a Higher Nose than Tail profile with Medium High Nose and Medium Tail and Medium Deep Concave with a Mellow Dip Profile for a Technical Yet Comfortable Feel. This is a Great Shape for Beginners or Experts looking to relax the wrists and shred. Personal Preference goes to this Throwback True-to-Skateboard Shape with the higher Nose profile it is as if the Defined and Original Shape had a Child! 
Made with a passion for quality.
Stay Emanant!

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