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Emanant 7ply Maple Complete Fingerboard

Regular price $60.00

Read to Ride Complete Includes Professional Maple 7Ply Deck with Blackriver Replica Trucks, O-Ring bushings, Cnc Single Bearing Wheels, and Soft Grippy Emanant Griptape! For a limited Time Available in 3 Sizes 35mm, 34mm and 32mm.

The Classic Shape 32mm are recommended for riders wanting a steeper kick and deeper concave than the Original Shape, Check Photos for comparison.

**You are Paying for 1 Complete Fingerboard Per Order. Please Choose sizes Below!** 


Deck Veneers hand dyed and vary in color!

Truck Color Vary;34mm Trucks are Gold/Silver and 32mm Trucks are Custom Different Color Hanger & Baseplate. Tuned by Drake Elliott to match board theme. 

Boards are gripped! 

You're Supporting the Fingerboard Scenes 1st Official Maple 7Ply Fingerboard!! Thank you.

Stay Emanant!! 

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