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This series of decks was handmade by Drake Elliott at Mike Schneider's house using his tools for the first time ever. The collection consists of 30.5mm-31.5mm in the original shape, also a cruiser in the defined shape. 

Emanant hasn't had decks made since Drake arrived at Mike Schneider's house for a Boston Skateboarding trip. After linking up with the Fancy Lads Drakes been riding every day since the Rendezvous. 


This is a collection of 8 decks made with love and passion not only for fingerboarding but also for skateboarding. Exotic woods, TyeDye Faded Plies, and Rasta Theme combined with a beautiful collage graphic made in 2011 by Drake Elliott of a sleepless medusa hemmie chilling on coaches. This batch offers a metallic copper background! Thank you for choosing higher quality and supporting California's Original Fingerskate Company! 

#StayEmanant #FingerskateLife

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