Emanant Supply & Company®

Emanant Supply & Company

Emanant Provides you with Quality Apparel, 100% Handmade Fingerboards, and the World First 7 Layer Maple Fingerboard Deck! Providing you with the Most Realistic Skateboard Shapes for Fingerboarding. Sticking to Our Roots Each Fingerboard is Handmade the Same Since 2009; Hand Dyed Plies, Layered, Cut and Drilled, Sanded, Coated, and All 1-OF Decks!! Emanant is Recognized as Professional Skateboarders Favorite Fingerboard Brand and by Supporting Emanant You are Helping Transform this Company into the Next Skateboarding Company!
Stay Emanant!

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Fingerboard Island

Fingerboard Island is a Viral Youtube Sensation by Emanant Supply Co. Owner Drake Elliott. The Goal is Beautiful Outdoor Fingerboarding. The Series Will Be Free Until FBI #10 Where Drake Will Travel to Hawaii to Begin his Paid Subscription List of Videos Which Will Only Explore More Tropical Islands for All Fans!